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LeCouple online singles dating site, free to register, was created in 2005 and we have recently updated our online dating site to give free dating advice, relationship advice, profile making advice for singles, safety dating advice and to make LeCouple the type of dating website that is going to ensure you find true love.

LeCouple is NOT interested in ‘player’s, NOT married people and NOT those who are looking for ‘casual relationships’. This site is for singles, widows or divorce people looking for marriage or a long-term relationship.

The LeCouple Blog for Members will give regular updates of dating etiquette, dating advice and relationship advice.

The LeCouple Member’s Blog will give advice on how to write your profile, what to say when you contact singles, where to go on dates, what to talk about and what not to talk about, what questions to ask and how to answer questions from other singles.

This new LeCouple.com.au online singles dating site has 9000 users and growing fast. 

Gay men and Gay women. The LeCouple online singles dating site has a facility for Gay Men and Gay women which is new and it is for Gays who are seeking a longterm relationship.


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Testimonial (Gina)

Gina: The best free divorced dating site of all. I found my girlfriend, she is beautiful. I live in Dubai and she was over here working. She is from the Phillipines and is thr most beautiful lady in the wor ..


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Sunny and Jim Sunny is from Beijing, she is quiet and shy and did not think she would ever find her true love. One of her friends from college suggested that she try internet dating on LeCouple.com.au, an international

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Selina is from the Philippines. She wanted a single millionaire and kept writing to single guys in London, USA and Australia.  Very few single guys replied and those that did told Selina she was too far way. When sh

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Lah, from Thailand is shy, he felt uncomfortable connecting to girls because his English is bad, however he thought he would try LeCouple online dating singles Chat. On the second time he was on LeCouple Chat he talked w

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Karla a very beautiful black single woman from Ghana had been a Member of LeCouple Online Singles Dating Website for 3 months but she did not have a photo. Nobody contacted her and nobody replied to her connections. She

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Online Dating At LeCouple.com.au

Online dating for singles can be fun, interesting, exciting and when you find a loving partner, rewarding too.

The Key to finding love is not to expect your loving partner at first, just make some friends. This is the best relationship advice you can get on the singles dating scene. Don’t settle for the first single guy or single woman you come across. Make friends with a few singles online.

When selecting a loving partner, choice is very important.  That’s why you should be making friends with a few people.

In the online singles dating game, first impressions are not always a determining factor. We find that 97% of people who find a loving partner say, “I did not recognise her/him as my loving partner immediately. It took a few meetings before I really saw all her or his good qualities”.

Singles who seem just right at first may be boastful and impress with you with their good qualities but when you get to know them better you discover that their dark side is not to your liking.

On the other hand a single guy or a single woman who is humble and does not boast will need to be drawn out and it is when you get to know them that you may discover that they have all the qualities that you are seeking in a loving partner. 

The LeCouple.com.au Singles Dating Community

On the LeCouple singles dating community once you have Joined Up you have  the opportunity to Chat to other singles. Once you are a LeCouple Member you can make some friends within the LeCouple Singles Dating Community. 

The LeCouple Singles Dating Chat is the ideal place to begin. If you Chat you get to know singles and by asking the right questions you can learn a lot about other singles. LeCouple Singles Dating Online Chat can be good fun and it’s ideal for those who don’t like writing emails to singles. 

Whether you are looking for marriage or just want to have fun dating your true love, if you only Chat with singles in other countries, you are not going to meet your life partner in a hurry. Many singles who are new to internet dating make friends with overseas singles and waste a lot of time writing and Chatting to singles yet miss out on dating. 

Don’t let that happen to you. Connect with singles on www.LeCouple.com.au online singles dating site, who are close to home, then you can go out dating and have fun. You can’t tell what a single guy or a single woman is like until you meet them. 

The single guy or single woman you write to or Chat to is a figment of your imagination. The real single person is the person you meet

If you can’t meet them you are wasting your time and why waste your time Chatting online to overseas singles when you could be meeting singles in your own home town?

Dating Search Is Easy

LeCouple.com.au offers you an online dating site for singles . You can look at all the single guys or single women we have on our online dating site. You can add your online singles dating profile free of charge.  

Searching the LeCouple dating site gets you started. It gives you an idea of the type of singles you will find online. Once you have seen some single men or single women you like, then add your own singles dating profile join up as a Member

You can add three photos to your profile.

1         A close up photo of your face

2         A full length photo

3         A fun or favourite photo

 Make sure they are current photos. Single women and single guys tell me there is nothing worse than meeting singles you don’t recognise because their online singles dating photo is so old and out of date.

Wear bright colours for your online singles dating photo or stand against a bright background so that you stand out.  On the online singles dating game you have plenty of competition so you need to stand out. You will stand out if your Le Couple online photo is a bright colour.

If you are black, wear light colours and have a pale background for your LeCouple online singles dating photo. If you are white choose a dark background for your LeCouple online photo.

Your LeCouple Singles Dating Profile must be a good one. Take your time in answering the questions. Be prepared to take time. The time you take to make a good online singles dating profile will determine how soon you will be contacted.


LeCouple Singles Dating Online Connections

To make an online singles dating Connection firstly you have to Join as a Member. Once you are a Member of www.LeCouple.com.au online singles dating site you can make Connections with any singles dating website.

All you have to do is hit Connect and write a short note introducing yourself and why you would like to meet. You will most probably hear back within 24 hours.

When a single person Connects with you on www.LeCouple/com.au online singles dating website make sure you reply within 24 hours because it is good manners and also be understanding and respectful of other singles as they may be anxious and afraid of rejection.

Whether you are looking for marriage or just want to enjoy dating your true love, when seeking a loving partner the most important qualities you require are:

Respect and Good Manners and that is what other singles are seeking too.

Be sure to show other singles your Best Manners and  Treat singles with Respect.